Snow Leopard To Include AntiVirus Software?

The internet is a curious place full of fact, fiction and rumours.

If the latest murmurs are to be believed then the Mac, which some people claim is impervious to viruses and other security threats, is about to receive a rather curious update.


The latest and upcoming version of OS X, known as Snow Leopard, may well contain an antivirus program.

The following screenshot of a .DMG file downloaded by Safari quite clearly shows that it is being queried by the operating system.

As you can see, the resulting dialog box shows that the disk image contains a virus called ‘OSX.RSPlug.A’ and the user is being prompted to eject the disk image.

Antivirus expert Justin Bellinger offered up an interesting comment on this new development –

Hi Lee,

Apple are touting virus protection through the new and more advanced application sandboxing that will ship built-in and active for the Snow Leopard release.

I believe they’ve been using this via the browsers for a while, and, from what I hear it is absolutely effective at eliminating drive-by attacks.

In terms of an active antivirus component shipping, I can find no references to this on the apple website.

Details here:

In the past the Mac has never been a big enough target to attract the level of malware that Windows machines has but I believe the times are changing.

We’ll know more about Snow Leopard and it’s security measures when it is released tomorrow (the 28th).

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  1. Yes indeed Steven.

    There ARE viruses and other nasty surprises out there, waiting for the unsuspecting amongst the Mac world.

    The protection offered by Snow Leopard is welcome but will it make users complacent?

  2. I read that too, last night on Twitter, but I don’t know how accurate an assessment that is May.

  3. Graham Cluley of Sophos has a video of Snow Leopard malware protection on his blog which many of you may find interesting –

  4. I know its kinda early but has anyone reading this got Snow Leopard yet?

  5. Its about time the Mac community woke up to the age we live in. Malware creation is not little kids trying to make a name for themselves anymore it is big criminal business. Macs are growing in popularity and are now fare game. Better watch out.

  6. Cant remember where I read it but is it not true that the av in SL only stops 2 viruses?


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