Slim your Wallet with Diet Scams

With the new year just starting many of you may have resolved to diet this year.

Be on your guard though to ensure you are tightening your belts rather then loosening your wallets.

These scams are everywhere, some even have invested into acquiring “expert medical opinions” to back them up.

Look through a magazine, check your email or even watch tv and you are bound to see claims such as –

“Wear this and see the pounds fall off”

“You can lose 30 pounds this month!”

“Take our pills and block out fats and calories”

Dieting is big business

In America it is estimated that the weight loss market is worth around $35bn a year!

No wonder crooks and scammers are interested in a share of that pie, so to speak.

If you have an eye for scams then you will probably notice that the same dieting ones have been in circulation for ever, or so it seems.

Of course they are repackaged often to appear different, more appealing, but the underlying “miracle cure” is always based on the following –

  • Fat and carb blocking pills
  • Herbal pills that boost metabolism
  • Herbal weight loss teas
  • Slim suits or body wraps
  • Apparel – watches, jewelry and other personal effects thatĀ help you shed weight

Anybody who has ever tried dieting will know how hard it can be.

Whilst there are medical reasons for weight problems, most people just need to focus on their goals and remain determined in order to lose weight.

Easier said than done?


Of course it is – that’s why these diet scams are so popular in the first place.

If you are serious about losing weight then we would recommend talking to a professional – your doctor or a qualified dietician can advise you on what is best for you.

If any of the diet and weight loss schemes you have seen actually work then the professionals in the industry are bound to know of them – and can advise of the benefits, or not, to you personally.

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