Skype Source Code Leaked

The last few weeks has seen many high profile hacks and one of the latest appears to be Skype, recently bought by Microsoft for $8.5 billion, version 5.5.


Viewing the source code for the popular video / voice communication software is probably illegal so I won’t link to any particular blogspot posts that may be talking about a the source code that appears to have been de-obfuscated via reverse engineering and then published as the “Skype Kit” SDK + runtimes.

The source code has already appeared in a few different places online – a version was apparently available on GitHub for a time before Microsoft got it removed via a DMCA notice – and can now be found on some of the more popular torrent sites where there are already a large number of peers and seeds sharing it around.

Various links to the de-obfuscated source code have also appeared on popular social networks too, though I should point out that viewing the code and modifying and compiling it are all likely to be illegal so please don’t even be tempted.

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