Skype Can Be Used In Many Different Ways When It Comes To A Web Attack

There are a lot of apps on the internet that people like to use to be able to communicate with one another. Some of the apps do one thing very well and some of the apps can perform several functions very well. One of the apps out there that is able to perform several different forms of communication very well is called Skype. And that is why it is one of the most popular downloads right now. Skype can make both communicating on the web and communicating on the telephone very easy. But that also means that Skype can also let the bad guys on your computer very easy as well.


Before we go any further in telling you the dangers that Skype can possess we should tell you what Skype can do exactly. While Skype is a very popular application it is still not used by everyone. That means there might be a lot of features that it possesses that people do not know about. So first off, the main function of Skype is to allow you to make phone calls over the web. If you are calling someone else who has a Skype account then you are able to talk to them for free. And if they have a video cam connected to their computer then you can also have a free video chat with them as well. But as we mentioned earlier there are other features that Skype has as well. You can send instant messages to friends that you have over Skype. And you can also make phone calls to actual cell phones that are not online. This is not a free service but Skype delivers it at a very fair price. You can also send text messages to these same phones as well and they are also not free.

It is these extra features that make Skype fun to use but it can also make it dangerous as well. When you are using Skype you have to remember that the bad guys know about its features as well. And they are willing to take advantage of it as long as it is able to deliver malicious content to your computer.

First of all, the main attack that you will see is them sending strange links to your Skype account. They will try to become your friend first and then all of the sudden you will start to see strange links come from nowhere. These links are there to send you to malicious websites. They will send the links over and over to you until you click on one or until you have them blocked. That is why you cannot friend everyone that you see on Skype. While it might be fun to think that you are going to be able to talk to all of these new people, a lot of the time these people are on there to only send you spam.

Another attack that you will see happen with Skype is black hat hackers trying to intercept messages that are sent through Skype. While Skype messages are supposed to be encrypted there have been attacks that have found their way through the encryption. That is why you should always make sure that you have an updated Skype client. If you have an old version that the attackers have figured out then you might be still vulnerable.

So just remember that while Skype is a fun program it has its dangerous just like everything else on your computer.

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