Sky News Has Android Apps Hacked By The Syrian Electronic Army

British broadcaster BSkyB has had all of its Android apps hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army.

All of the app pages on Google play originally had their descriptions altered to read, “Syrian Electronic Army Was here”. Now, searching for BSkyB apps reveals the following which suggests that all of the apps have been pulled down, at least for the time being –


High profile hacks are, of course, nothing new for the Syrian Electronic Army. recently they have also gone after the likes of the BBC, The Guardian and Human Rights Watch.

From what I can tell it looks like the Syrian Electronic Army compromised 6 apps in all –

  • Sky+
  • Sky News
  • Sky Go
  • Sky WiFi
  • Sky Sports News
  • Sky Movies

The advice from Sky right now is to uninstall the apps –

– and to then wait until they say they are available once again –

I can only imagine what effect this will have on the level of trust afforded to Sky and Google Play, especially the latter, since the major app stores have been quite secure lately with no apps being hacked from within.

I’m also looking forward to hearing how the hack was achieved as well – my guess is that the signing keys and developer password may have been stolen from Sky, possibly via a socially engineered password?

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