Should Your Program Have Access To The Web?

When you are a programmer you have a lot of decisions to weigh before you add features to a program. You want to make sure that you are doing the right thing and not just because you want to be fancy and try to impress people. There is a lot that can go wrong when it comes to creating software and you never know what you are going to unleash when you release software to the public. All that you know is that you want to put out a good product that people are going to enjoy. And that experience can be marred by you putting out a product that is going to end up hurting the end users computers.


When you are learning to become a programmer there are several steps that you must take to be able to consider yourself a true professional. If you do not learn these steps, while you might be getting paid for your work, you are not a true professional in the old school meaning of the word. Too many people think that what makes a programmer is that they know how to program. Usually this means that they think they know all of the little constructs and syntax to a particular programming language. But that is not all that it takes to become a real professional programmer. You need to know how to make the proper decisions when you are creating a program. You need to know how to make your program more efficient, easier to use for the end user, and how to make it safer. Only then are you able to call yourself a good programmer.

So many programmers add features to their programs just to say that they have them. A lot of the times these features are not even really needed. The programmer just sees that the competitors have the features in their program so he or she wants to make sure that they have it in theirs. Sometimes trying to outdo a competitor is a good idea and sometimes it is a really bad one. You really have to think about a feature before add it in. Because a lot of the time if you just add a feature for really no good reason, and you truly do not understand that feature, then you can be introducing more harm than good. This is the case with a lot of programmers adding web features to programs that really do not need it.

Of course these days the web is all of the rage now. The web is the number one reason why people are buying computers these days. And not only computers, it is the number one reason why people are buying tablets and smartphones as well. People want to be able to use the web no matter where they are. And that is understandable. But as a programmer you have to understand whether a feature is going to be truly useful to an end user or not. And a lot of programs that allow you to access the web really do not need that feature.

The reason why it is a big deal is because the web can be dangerous. If you do not do the proper safety procedures then the bad guys can add a malicious element to your program and you would not know it. It can all be done at the click of a button from a remote location and now your users are infected. That is why you have to really think about adding a feature like that to your program. Is it worth the risk that it brings? Are your end users really missing out?

The web is great and some programs truly need web access. Just make sure that your does to and that you handle it very carefully.

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