Should You Use Special Browser Plugins To Help You With The Security Of Your Web Sessions?

Anyone who has been active on the internet for more than five years knows that there have been some major changes when it comes to browser technology. If you have been active on the internet for more than ten years then you have really seen some big changes when it comes to browser technology. Ten years ago the big bully on the block when it came to browsers was Internet Explorer 6. Now that browser is considered the pariah of the web world because of how weak it is when you are dealing with standards. But it was not only its weakness when it came to standards that made it the pariah that it is. It was also the fact that it was one of the more insecure browsers ever introduced to the public. That was because the browser was plugged in directly to the operating system and any changes made to it could cause serious problems to the whole computer. But now we have changed when it comes to both following standards and making sure that our browsers are very secure.


But are they secured enough? While we have come a great deal when it comes to browser security there are still web attacks on our computer every day. Depending on the web site that you go to at any given moment will depend on whether you are attacked or not. The bad guys have found ways to get past even the latest in browser security so what can you do to stop them? Well luckily for us the browsers vendors decided that it would be a good idea to allow third party people to have the ability to extend the abilities of the browsers. And from that we got a whole host of solutions when it comes to extensions that allow you to provide your web browser with a lot more security than it has in its default mode.

There are several different browser plugins that allow you to do this. There are plugins that will allow you to detect when you are on a phishing site. There are plugins that will allow you to store your passwords in an encrypted manner. There are even plugins that will allow you to block the JavaScript that is on any web page that you go to. And it is these types of plugins that seem to be the most popular. And they really do help a lot. A lot of the web attacks that you see on the web today start off with JavaScript. The problem with that is that all of the legitimate actions you need to perform on the web use a lot of JavaScript as well.

You have to be careful when you are blocking JavaScript on certain web sites. If you do not enable it then you will not be able to use the site itself. That is why you cannot disable JavaScript on every website that you go to. So for the plugin to be useful, you have to learn how to distinguish sites that you can trust and sites that you cannot trust.

So as you can see, the web browser plugins that we see can be very useful to the average web user. But you have to remember that when you use these plugins you have to pay more attention to what they do. If not used correctly they can affect the quality of your browsing session in a negative way.

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