Should You Trust Software From A Web Site Which Has Been Compromised?

In the past when we would buy software, it would be the shrink wrapped option that we would purchase. We would go to the store, get it off the shelves, and then pay the cashier for the item. That is no longer the case now. Due to the expansion of broadband across the globe, most people do not buy their software from a store anymore. They download the software from online and then they install it into their computer. We are so reliant on the web that some of the software that we use to purchase from the store is being made to an online only component. This means that they have turned the application into a web app that you have to go the web site to use.


But no matter if you are downloading the software to use on your computer or you are using the web app version of the software, you have to be able to trust the provider. When you download the software from this company, you are putting your inherent trust in them. You feel as if there should be no hidden bugs that are going to harm your computer with this software. But that is not always the case.

There are times when every web site gets attacked. So the question becomes do you still trust the software from a web site which has been compromised. The answer to that question is that you should wait a few days. You should always wait for the go ahead from the owners of the web site. They should know better than anyone that the threat has passed. If they are not giving any indication on what you should do then do not trust the software. The software could have been compromised.

If the software is a web app then you definitely do not want to trust it until you get the “everything is safe” sign from the owners. The owners must be able to check whether the bad guys left anything behind as a surprise. Once they do that then it may be safe to go back in.

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