Should You Trust Online File Storage Sites With Your Personal Data?

We all need some type of back up when it comes to the important data on our computer.

No matter if that data is text files, MP3’s, or video, we should have some way to safely back up our data in case of emergency.

With the availability of bigger and cheaper hard drives, we are seeing an upswing in data backup services.


This is a good thing for people who want to keep their data on the cloud and not have to worry about it but not all file storage services are built the same.

There are some services that are world class operations but there are others that will take your data and just store it on one server, never to be backed up.

If that server was to fail then all of your data would be gone so you need to make sure that the service that you choose to back up your data with is a good one.

I will show you what to look for when it comes to finding a good back up service for your data.

Choosing A Good Back Up Service For Your Data

The first thing that you want to look at is the policy that the service says that they have.

You especially want to look at their policy when it comes to the privacy of the data being stored.

You should be able to hold them legally liable if they are misappropriating your data.

This means that they should not be able to read your data without your permission.

When it comes to a service that backs up your data for you trust means everything.

If you feel like you cannot trust the company with your data, then you should not use their services.

Even if you have a little bit of a gut feeling to not trust them, then you should follow your instincts.

Another thing that you should look at is the reviews from other customers of the service.

Search for the name of the company on Google and see what kind of reviews that they are receiving.

If the reviews are not positive then you might want to rethink hosting your data on that service.

Again, you should be able to trust your data to a back up service and if you see that a lot of people have given a bad review to this particular service then you should move on and check the alternatives.

Also, remember that the price of the service should be taken into consideration.

There is definitely a case of you get what you pay for.

If you use a free service then there is a good chance that the backup and redundancy of your data will not be guaranteed.

If you want your data to have the guarantee, then you should move to a paid back up service provider.

You must be careful on who you decide to back up your data with.

The wrong choice could lead you to have no real back up at all.

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  1. Jessica Mart says:

    thanks for this information. We recently started using The DocSafe ( for store of our important documents. They use security measures that are appropriate for our purposes. Even so, they warn against uploading certain information like social security numbers regardless of where you store your documents in case the site gets hacked.


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