Should You Trust A Web Site That Has Disabled Right Click To Stop You From Choosing “view source”?

If you are a web programmer then you already know what the term “view source” means. But if you are someone who is new to creating web sites or just someone who is casually reading this article then you probably have no idea what that means. To “view the source” means that you are able to look at the source code which creates the actual web site. Well, you are able to see the client side source code. There is still source code that runs on the server of the web site that you are visiting that you will not be able to see.

should you trust a site that doesn't let you view source?

The web has a tradition of being able to see the source code of the web sites that you go to. For someone who understands the code that is on the page it helps them feel better that the web site is safe. But there are some people who do not like that the web browser shows the source code of the site. They feel as if it is their hard work and no-one should be able to see it. That is a reasonable argument but it is just not how the web is made. Most browsers by default will set it up so that you can see the source code of a web site. So some web sites attempt to stop you by using JavaScript.

You can make a script in the JavaScript language that will allow you to stop people from being able to see the source code of your site. They do that by stopping you from being able to right click on the web site. Of course that does not stop anyone from being able to hit the view source button in the browser menu.

But a sometimes when a web site has this set up, they do not want people to see that they are doing something shady. A lot of sites which have XSS attacks do not allow you to see the source code. So if I were you I would be careful for any site that blocks this capability.

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