Should You Think About Getting The New Windows 8 Operating System For Security Reasons?

Every couple of years you know that there is one thing that you are going to have to deal with as an office manager. And that one thing that you are going to have to deal with is the introduction to a new version of Windows based computers. While Apple and Linux have made some inroads over the years in business world, the Windows based PC is still the number one computing device in offices all over the world. So when Microsoft comes out with a new system you have to prepare to make sure that you are ready.


With the new Windows system, you are going to see that it is different than all of the ones that have come before it. It has a new GUI and a totally new way of doing things. And while it looks like all of the changes are on the outside that is not true. There are so many changes on the inside as well. And the people who have used Windows based computers all of their lives are going to find a lot of things strange. Microsoft is hoping that after the initial strange feeling that a lot of people are going to get after they use the system they will find out that they like the changes and will want more of it. So far the reviews have been mixed (personally I think it sucks – I mean, who wants a tablet OS on their desktop??) and you will have to see for yourself if you want to make the change in your office.

But the one thing that you do want to remember is that there have been a lot of improvements when it comes to the security inside of the new Windows system. Just like the security improvements were a great leap between Windows 7 and Windows Vista, the same thing has happened with the new Windows 8. The security improvements have been great and that is one thing that all of the reviews agree with. So if you think that the security of your system is important then there is a good chance that you are going to want to bring the new Windows 8 into your office workflow.

As someone who runs the network you have some real decisions to make when it comes to the new Windows 8 system. If you are someone who is concerned with security then it might be a move that you want to make early. This is especially true if the jump is as big as they say it is. But if you think that the move would be too disruptive to the people who work there then there is a good chance that you want to stay where you are. This is especially true if you have just upgraded to Windows 7 in the past year or two. Windows 7 has pretty good security and is, in my opinion, the first Windows system that is on par with both Apple and Linux when it comes to security. So it is not like you are not protected right now. Windows 7 is still very good when it comes to security, it is just Windows 8 is a little bit better.

If you want to make sure your network is protected to its maximum abilities then you might want to think about moving to the new Windows 8 system. But if you think that your network is fine and it is up to speed when it comes to security then you might want to wait until the next version of Windows comes out.

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