Should You Leave The Windows Operating System Family For Security Reasons?

One of the things that you hear all of the time from people who use alternative operating systems, is that they use it for security reasons.

This is especially true of the people who use the Apple line of computers.

They are very confident that OS X will secure them against any intruders that they might have.

Windows has been maligned for years that it’s security was not the main objective when engineers were designing their OS.

We know that this was true in the past but recently that argument should be put to rest.

But this article is less about Windows itself but how it compares to the security of other operating systems.

which is the most secure operating system?

Windows vs The Rest

Is the modern Windows operating system really that far behind?

The first os that I will look at is OS X, snow leopard.

For years, people who have used OS X have touted how secure the operating system is.

Most people believe that this security is due to the amount of people who have the system.

Even though Mac computers and OS X are very popular, they still make up only 10% of the computer market.

This does not leave great incentive for hackers to continually attack the machine.

The profit margin is greater when attacking Windows machines.

Also the average user of a Mac tend to be more technically savvy than the average user of Windows.

Again, this is due to the much larger install base that Windows enjoys.

The more popular that Mac’s have gotten, the more security holes have been found.

There are now entire books dedicated to hacking the Mac OS X.

Unix And Linux

Os X does have roots in the world of Unix, so this does lend it to have some security credibility.

Unix and derivative operating systems stemming from it were made with security in mind first.

Os X has picked up the same tendencies and in some instances, has improved upon it.

The same could be said for the Linux family of operating systems.

They have taken the base of Unix security and have come up with their own ideals and improved on it.

Linux is probably known as the safest, well known operating system that is out right now.

Some of the people in the BSD world might argue that point but the install base of Linux is noticeable, BSD is not, if you do not count OS X which is based on BSD.

But with all of the security that Linux offers it is probably successfully attacked more than OS X is.

Again this may be because they are on more servers than any other operating system.

This gives hackers a lot more incentive to attack the OS.

As most people who follow tech news know, the latest operating system from Microsoft, Windows 7, has been greatly improved upon when it comes to security.

It is at least in the same field as the other operating systems now.

It is not that far behind that you should switch systems if you like it.

Windows may be a victim of its own success but the new version of the OS can handle it.

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Lee's non-technical background allows him to write about internet security in a clear way that is understandable to both IT professionals and people just like you who need simple answers to your security questions.


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