Should You Keep Your Important Documents On Your Mobile Devices?

One of the best things about having all of these mobile devices is the amount of work that you can do while you are on the go. There are a lot of people out there who like to separate work life from home life. When they clock out of the office that is it for them, no more work. They do not want to have anything else to do with work for the rest of the day. Then there are other people who love what they do for work. They not only love it but they want to bring it home with them as well. Or they may be people who own their own business and they are forced to bring work life with them at all times. When you run your own business you are always going to be on call no matter what. For people like this, the mobile phone and tablet are some of the best devices ever created. They can do what they love no matter where they are at the time.


The stronger the new phones get the more work they are able to get done. In the past the phones would only be strong enough to handle a few documents. But now you are almost able to run fully fledged apps on the phone. A lot of the newer smartphones are stronger than a desktop computer was only five years ago. When you have that much power there is no limit to the amount of work you are able to get done. But there is a big problem with that as well. Yes, you are able to get a lot of work done but it also means that you are leaving a lot of important documents on your phone as well. And when you leave important documents on your phone you risk the falling into the hands of the bad guys.

You might be saying to yourself right now that you run the same risk on your computer as well and you leave important documents on there all of the time. And yes that is true, you do leave important documents on your computer all of the time. The difference is that for most people their computers are a lot more protected than their mobile phone and tablets are. For years you knew about the risk that an open computer could bring. So hopefully you already did something about that and protected yourself. You could protect your computer with a well working and updated antivirus solution and Firewall and you would be all set. With your phone and your tablet it is not that simple.

The security solutions that are offered on the phone and tablet are not as strong as the ones that are offered for your desktop and laptop. Plus you also have to remember that when we are talking about phones and tablets we are talking about a different underlying architecture than we are with your normal computer. There is a totally different chipset and to most antivirus companies it is their first time on the chip. Most smart phones and tablets used ARM chipsets while most computers and laptops use Intel based chips. So you have newer technology and less years of testing that goes into the protection measures on smartphones.

So you should know that we are only at the beginning when it comes to smartphones being attacked by the bad guys on the internet. You can keep your documents on your phone but just remember to be weary of where you connect to wirelessly and also when it comes to the apps that you download.

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