Should You Install An Antivirus Solution That Comes Embedded In Your Favourite Software?

When you are the creator of software products then there are several ways that you can earn an income from the people who use your products –

1. You can go through the normal channels and sell your software to the people.

This is a tried and true method with a few draw backs but overall it is something that has worked for many years.

2. Another way you can go about it is to charge a subscription price to your users.

This means that they will have to pay a lesser price then they would by buying the product outright but they would pay on a monthly basis.

If they do not need the product anymore then they simply stop paying.

This is a solution that works for many online businesses.

3. Another way where you can look to be paid is to offer your software for free.

I know that may seem to contradict each other but it does work.

The catch to offering your software for free is the fact that it has other software embedded in it.

Well, sometimes it is other software, while at other times it is just a normal piece of advertising.

Every time someone downloads the software and installs the other software that is embedded in it, then the creator of the original software gets paid money.


The False Trust

While no-one will argue that it is a bad thing that the creator of the software gets paid, they may argue that the fact that it is embedded software means that it is a false endorsement.

Most people who see that the software that they are installing is asking you to install another piece of software will think that it means the second piece of software is needed for the first piece of software to work.

So instead of ignoring it like so many other people do, they will instead install the software on the computer, mistakenly thinking that it is required.

This is why so many people get so up in arms about the practice.

This false belief in the extra software is especially dangerous when it comes to security products on the computer.

If the products that are offered in the embedded portion of the install are antivirus and other security products, the person might think that they need to install this on their computer.

The new software that they install might be worse than the original that they already had on there.

It may be an antivirus solution that is not ranked very high when it comes to eliminating the bugs from your system.

They may install the new antivirus while at the same time, uninstalling their old, more effective antivirus because they want the software that they just installed to work.

Or even worse than that, they may have both antiviruses installed on the computer together which would cause both of them to battle each other and not work at all.

So Should You Install An Antivirus Program Or Security Solution From An Embedded Software Install?

The answer depends on you the person.

First of all, if you know the difference between advertising in the software and a part of the program that is necessary then you should take a look – you might find new software that is very useful.

If you are a person who is not sure of the difference between the two, then you should not and you should only install what is required for the program to work.

If you take a second and look at the product that is being shown to you, you will see that there is an ad label that is visible.

If you see this then you know that you do not have to install that piece of software and that it is up to you on whether you want to take a closer look or not.

If you do decide that you want to take a closer look, make sure that you do some research first before you install the software on your machine.

Some of the software creators out there will just offer the ads without testing the product themselves; they do not know if it works or not.

This is why, before you do anything, you must take a look at the product on the internet.

Downloading an antivirus solution that is embedded is not a bad thing but you must make sure that they are up front about it.

Also, you must make sure that it is a good product by doing your homework first.

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