Should You Give Your Employees Passwords Or Have Them Make Their Own?

The ability to make the perfect password is not something to be taken lightly. There are some people who are better at it than others. But that kind of infers that there is only one way to make the perfect password. The perfect password all depends on the end user. While there are many ways that you can make the perfect password there are also many ways that you can mess it up as well. And the ways to mess up your password are more defined than the ways to make a great one.


All of this talk about passwords leads to the question that is asked in the title. Should you make a password for your employees or should you allow them to make one of their own? Again, it really all depends on the situation.

The advantages of them doing it on their own

There are many advantages to letting employees create their own passwords. First of all, you know that they are going to have an easier time remembering it since the password came out of their own head. Also, you know that they are more likely to not share the password since it is considered their own. But just like there are many advantages there are many disadvantages as well.

The disadvantages of letting employees create their password mostly have to deal with security. First of all, the password that they create might not be good enough. To try and make the process of remembering the password easier they might use something like the name of their dog or maybe even their own name. Also they might make the password too short. A short password is a lot easier to guess than a long one. Black hat hackers love to see a short password.

The advantages of your IT guy doing it

While there are many advantages of people picking their own password there are many advantages to the other side as well. The number one advantage is that you know it is going to be a safe password. It is going to be long enough and have all of the character differences that would make it hard for a person or a computer to guess.

But the disadvantage is that it would be hard for people to remember a password not created by them. Most likely you would have a lot of people writing the password down. While you are now safer from a cyber attack, you are now more at risk from an inside job.

So as you can see both ways have their flaws. So it is up to you to decide which way work the best.

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