Should You Change Your National Insurance / Social Security Number?

The question of whether or not to apply for a new National insurance number is not as clear cut as you may first imagine.

In extreme circumstances, i.e. identity theft, it is possible to apply for and receive a new National Insurance (Social Security) Number.

This may be issued if you still continue to encounter problems after an incident of identity theft has been dealt with.

On the face of it, getting a new number would seem to be a perfect solution in that it wipes the slate clean and gives you a fresh beginning.

However, some credit reference agencies will just merge your new details with your old ones as a matter of course.

If that is not the case then there may still be problems – having a totally blank page as it were can be a red flag to potential lenders, thereby making it hard to obtain credit.

So it would seem that applying for a new NI / SSN has debateable benefits and should be considered on a case by case basis.

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