Should You Censor Your Office Network?

Should You Censor Your Office Network?

If you are someone who is in charge of an office network, then there are some real items that you might want to think about to keep the network safe. One of these items might be to censor the network to only being allowed to access certain web sites. While this will surely gain you the ire of a lot of your peers at the office it is probably a safe bet to implement and also a practical one as well. In this article I will take a look at why you should do this to your network.

Should You Censor Your Office Network?

It is safer, no question

While you might have a lot of people that complain about not being able to access their favorite web sites when they want to you should not be worried about it. Most of the web sites that they are complaining about not being able to access are not work related anyway. And if they are work related then you can fix the settings to allow that particular web site to be able to go through the filter.

When a person is complaining that they are not allowed to go on web sites such as Facebook anymore while at the job then the irony is that they are probably the one that is introducing infections to the system in the first place. Many infections are found via big social web sites such as Facebook and Twitter and if you block them out then you are probably going to find that the level of infection attempts drop as well.

More productive

While safety of the network should be your number one concern when blocking web sites you will probably also find that the work place becomes more productive as well. With fewer distractions during the day, people tend to work harder than they do when those distractions are there.

So as you can see, there are two benefits from instituting some sort of censorship on your networks at work. While you cannot say that everyone will be happy, most people will get over their disappointment very quickly.

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