Should You Be Worried About Security Holes In The New HTML 5 Spec?

For a long time now we have been using the syntax known as HTML to make the web pages that we all know and love. While there are other technologies that go along with HTML to a make up the modern day web page, HTML is the backbone of all that we do on the web. But the HTML that we all know and love is starting to show its age. It is being made to do things that it was never meant to do and now it may be time to move on.

Should You Be Worried About Security Holes In The New HTML 5 Spec?

And that is what the web world is starting to do. We are now in the beginning era of the HTML 5 spec. It has taken years for it to come around but now we are starting to see HTML 5 being used on a lot of major web sites on the web. While not everyone is ready to make the move to HTML 5 a lot of web sites already are. And if they do not make the move completely then they are adding bits and pieces so that they can make their web site more modern.

The new HTML 5 spec is not finished but we already have a pretty good idea of what is going to be in there. And what is in there has the potential to make all web pages behave more like a desktop application without the help of server side languages. But that also means that you are going to have a web page that integrates more deeply than ever before with your actual computer system. So this makes any web security problems even more serious.

The new HTML 5 spec is going to allow your computer to have a database stored inside of it and video to run native to the page. There has already been security holes found when it comes to the new HTML 5 spec. And this is while we are only at the beginning stages. This is why if you are in computer security, it will help if you start to learn early on what the new capabilities of HTML 5 really are. That way, when a problem pops up, you will be ready to deal with it.

The HTML 5 spec means the advancement of the web as a whole. But as with any other advancements when it comes to technology, there are bound to be mistakes made. So you must make sure that your network is ready to defend itself against such mistakes.

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