Should You Allow People With iPhones Access To Your Office Network?

The IPhone is a pretty amazing device. We have seen the sales for it sky rocket ever since it was first released. That was about 5 years ago and the sales have been going strong ever since. When it comes to the default glamour phone out right now, the IPhone is the one to have. But not everything about the IPhone is great. There are still some security problems that you have to deal with when it comes to the IPhone. Some people think that just because of the app store is regulated that the IPhone is completely safe. No piece of computer equipment is ever completely safe and that goes for the IPhone as well.


When you are in charge of your office network you have to be really careful when it comes to what devices you let access the network. There are many different pieces of electronic devices that people carry around with them these days and you cannot let them all access the network. You have to set priorities and for good reason. Not all of the portable devices that are available to the consumer care about security in the same way. While most of the portable devices that are out there can access the internet in some way or form, what does the device do to secure the person using it when they do access the internet? As a system administrator this is what you have to worry about. While you may have people complain about not being able to get their gameboy ds on the network, you will be able to rest well at night knowing that your network is just a little bit safer.

So now you have to make the decision on whether you are going to allow a device like the IPhone to come on your network. While it is not a toy like the other portable devices that are out there, it is also not a device that is known to work well in the enterprise. There are some phones like the Blackberry which was made with the enterprise is mind. When it comes to a phone like the IPhone, you can tell that it was made for the consumer first and the enterprise second. When Apple made the phone they wanted the average user to be comfortable first and then hopefully from there it would be able to spread into the enterprise.

And over the years since the IPhone has been out Apple has made a little bit of concessions to the people who want to be able to use it at work. They worked on the security of the phone and they also worked on technology that would allow it to connect better to most enterprise networks. That was the excuse that most system administrators made early on when they wouldn’t allow the IPhone to be able to connect to their networks.

While the IPhone does still have some security flaws in it, there are no more in it than there are in the other popular phone models on the market. And you are not going to stop seeing the IPhone come in the workplace anytime soon. So at this point it is time for you to try and set up the network at your office to be IPhone ready. The phone has been a popular device for the past five years so there is no reason for you at this point to still be scared of it. While it makes sense for you to want to protect your network at any cost, if you look it up you will find that in recent years, the IPhone has been able to transition to the workplace just fine.

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