Should You Allow Gaming Web Sites To Be Played On Your Network?

Games are a big part of what is driving the popularity of the web as we know it now. When you see people logged into Facebook for hours at a time there is a good chance that they are playing a game on there. The Zynga network that is mainly hosted on Facebook is one of the biggest internet companies out there right now. That is because while gaming was once thought to be the realm of young teenagers, that is not the reality of the modern day gaming scene. Today casual games are not only one of the biggest markets on the internet, but it is dominated by people who are in their late 30’s through their early 50’s. Gaming has reached a whole new generation.


While that is good news for the people who make these games and for the people who play them, for a system administrator it can be a pain in the butt. Now you have a new thing on the internet that people are demanding to be able to access on your network. They want to be able to play while they are at work and it is not always in your best interest to let them do so.

While it is not heard often, online games are very often a way where the bad guys are able to access your system and put bad files on there. Most of the online games that casual gamers play are based on the Flash technology. While Flash is for the most part safe, there are known holes that can infect your system. Flash is a third party plug-in that black hat hackers use all of the time to try and get into systems. While Adobe may do a good job in fixing the holes that are in Flash you have to think about whether you want to take that chance or not.

When you run a network it is up to you to decide what programs are safe to run and which are not. It is also up to you to decide which web sites are safe to use or not. Online games are very popular but they can cause a big problem. It is up to you whether you are going to risk the safety of your network to allow the users to play games while they are at work.

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