Should Wireless Network Security Be Enforced By Law?

The government places a lot of restrictions on us in the name of the greater good.

They see it as their job to plug all of the leaks in society so that everyone can have a smooth life.

But since everyone is different it is inevitable that a law that is passed to help one group will soon prove to be the law that hurts someone else.

Sometimes a law is needed for the greater good and sometimes that law is against the greater good and it is just not obvious yet.

The fact about how laws work and the rise of wireless networks in this nation might soon come to a head.

More and more, people are starting to see the advantages of a wireless network in their home and the use of them has sky rocketed.

But is as often with new technology, the fact that people do not know how to work the technology yet is becoming a problem for the safe operation of the internet.

There are too many people that are allowing the bad guys to have full control of their router and this is why there is now talk of laws being passed.

As I said earlier, the laws have good intentions and are for good reasons but they do have the possibility of back firing.

wireless security - legislate or educate?

wireless security - legislate or educate?

How Does Your Wireless Network Put Others At Risk?

There are several ways how your wireless network can lead to trouble for other people including yourself.

The first thing that you would have to worry about is the attacks that come from people that are near you.

The signal of a wireless network has to be strong so that anyone who is connected to it is able to use the internet with no problem.

If you have a two story house and the people on the first floor are not connected because the router is on the second story then you have a real problem.

So to make sure that doesn’t happen they make the signal maybe a little bit stronger than it needs to be.

The problem with this comes that now people outside of your home are able to connect to your system.

There are many stories out there of people who leech off of their neighbors WIFI connection for months and sometimes even years.

The problem with this is that not only do they have access to your network and potentially any open computers on it, but they also can get you blamed for any crimes that they might do while connected to the system.

If they go to a web site and download music from it and the RIAA comes looking for them, it will be your IP address that they see.

So, as you can see, having an open WIFI can put you at risk from the locals.

You also have to worry about remote attacks on your router as well.

If your router is attacked from someone on a remote connection then they can place a worm on it.

A worm is a type of malware that will travel through a network infecting every computer on there.

Once the worm has been placed on the computer it can call a number of different functions that will make your computing experience a living nightmare.

So How Do These Attacks On My Router And The New Law Come Together?

The reason why some legislators are thinking of making it a law to ensure that your router is secure is because of the examples I have just given above.

None of these attacks took a mastermind to figure out.

No-one had to spend hours on end trying to figure out a plan to attack your router.

They were able to do it because it is open and it is the fault of the owner that it is open.

If you leave your keys in the car door and the car is gone when you come back you cannot be too surprised.

So if you simply follow the instructions that they give you when you open up your router then that should be all that you need to keep you safe.

There should be no law that is needed for that.

A law should not be passed or needed to help people make their routers more secure.

There just needs to be more awareness about the issue.

When a person finds out the harm that can happen if they do not secure their routers then they will slowly start to change their ways.

A law being passed on the books will most likely not be able to be enforced anyway – there is too much for the police to be worried about.

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