Should The Authorities Be More Proactive When It Comes To Cyber Crime?

In the past when you would talk about cyber crime only a few people would be able to follow the conversation. And this is even on a real shallow level. Most people did not have any concept of cyber crime and the bad parts of the internet. And we are only talking about a few years ago, far after the internet started to penetrate everyday parts of society. Now that is no longer the case and everyone is starting to learn about cyber crime. They hear about it all of the time and they‘re fearful now that they have some skin in the game. They are starting to have a lot of personal data online and they realize that they can become a victim of the cyber crime wave as well. And that is why they want more to be done about it.


Everyone at this point knows someone who has been a victim of some type of cybercrime. They have either gotten a virus on their computer or have had their identity stolen or some other crime of that nature. It is starting to hit close to home for most people and that is why the outcry has become stronger for law enforcement to be able to do something. But the problem with that is that there are too many people in law enforcement that do not know what is going on. In all levels of government there are too many people who do not have a clue in how the internet works and how they are able to combat the problem. So instead they try to lock down your rights on the internet and the general public supports this because they are scared. But when all of the sudden they find that the internet is not the same place that it used to be and they are now being monitored, all of the sudden they will feel as if the government has gone too far.

But there are some law enforcement officials who are doing things the right way when it comes to fighting cybercrime. There is one police officer who is going around and war driving across his district. War driving is when you drive a car around looking for open network routers that do not have a password on them. He goes around looking for this type of thing and if he runs across any that fit the description he will inform the people who own the router that they are at risk. This is only one of the many movements taking place in order to help people become more secure when they use the internet.

A lack of information is the biggest problem when it comes to internet safety right now. Too many people are being scared by the news but instead of becoming properly informed they are falling for scare tactics that do not work or will wind up infecting them as well. Teaching people how to handle this situation the right way is how you can start to put a dent into cyber crime. Do not under report the problem but do not hype it up until it is the big red menace as well. You want to give the people sensible information that will help keep them safe.

Basically what it all boils down to is keeping everyone informed about cyber crime. And that should go double for the authorities. You want to be alert and to be on top of any type of crime and that includes the cyber ones.

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