Should I Use The Microsoft Security Essentials Suite?

There has been a huge amount of security software that has been released in the last couple of years.

The bigger the usage of the Internet gets, the more money that will be out there for both the legal and illegal sides of the law of the security fence.

With all of the new antivirus software that has been popping up, it is hard to know which companies that you can trust with the protection of your data.

Some of the newer companies may offer antivirus products that are a scam and some of the new companies products might be sub par.

There are a few established players in the game but none of them has as much clout as one of the new kids.

Yes, Microsoft has decided to throw their hat in the ring with Microsoft security essentials.


Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft first entered the security ring a couple of years ago with their Windows defender product.

This product was for protecting users against pop ups and spyware that they might receive while they were surfing the web.

It was well regarded but not considered the best product at that particular job.

They also had a product called Windows Live One Care that was a traditional anti virus but was a paid subscription service and was tailored more to corporate users rather than the average home user.

Now they have decided to create a free offering to compete with the other antivirus vendors that are out there.

They believe that their name alone will allow people to have trust in their software and know that it will be one of the most effective out there.

The software is a full compliment of security tools that you would find on any top notch security vender’s tool chain.

It provides you with, of course, up to date virus definitions, advanced malware detection and scanning of your system.

It also provides a very good spyware/adware detector and removal services.

Excellent Reviews

The reviews of the software has been excellent with the most stunning feature being cited is its low use of CPU resources.

This means that there is less chance of your normal workflow being disrupted while the anti virus does a scan.

As anyone who has sat there, waiting for a scan to end, it can be a pain.

Any improvements in this area is always good news.

The only negative that can be seen in the near horizon is how much longer some of the other more established companies have been in the game.

They have been tailoring their products for the home consumer for years now.

If done wrong, an antivirus set up can be a complicated process.

Luckily for Microsoft, they have more experience than anybody when it comes to providing software for the home user.

Also nobody knows their system like they do.

This can cause them to have a huge leg up on any other security software providers.

Microsoft security essentials has gotten excellent ratings so far by the computer security press.

This means that it would be a good product to use on your system.

You get a trusted, first class free antivirus to keep you secured.

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  1. If you don’t mind a real attention whore, like AVIRA that constantly demands that you turn it on manually, run updates on its schedule, and just generally be a pain in the backside, MSE is fine.

    As far as resource use, it’s not a complete pig, but Malwarebytes does far more with far less intrusion and infinitely better self-management.

    What do you expect? It has Microsoft in the name.


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