Should A Web Based Virus Scanner Be Your First Port Of Call When Checking Your Computer?

One of the most important things that you can do on your computer is scan for any malware and viruses.

In the course of your normal Internet browsing you will run into a lot of strange things that you may not be able to identify right away.

Some may be harmful to your computer, while others may not.

This is the case with many people, and they usually go with one of two options.

They either decide to take the safe route and to not click on anything or they live a little dangerously and click on the item anyway, either dangerously, or they really do not know any better.

There is no reason that if you see a file that interests you, that you should be scared of it.

There are plenty of tools out there that will help you scan the file so you can make sure that it is safe.

Desktop Or Web Virus Scanner?

Now the question is, should you run a web based version or a desktop version of a scanner?

There are good and bad for both sides of the argument.

When I use the word argument, I am saying the wrong thing.

Both solutions are good solutions and you should get in the habit of doing one or the other.

This is just a discussion on which method may be a little bit better for you to get used to.

Should you right click on the file and scan it on your computer?

Or, should you upload the file and see if it is safe on a web based scanner?

Again, two good choices, just which one is better?

The Case For Using A Desktop Antivirus Program

If you use the desktop antivirus solution, then you might have a problem with getting the latest updates.

Most people have their software set to get updates at a certain time everyday.

But other people do not like the feature to run, so they turn it off.

This allows you to become vulnerable to the latest threats, until you update it again.

Also, running a desktop based scanner  can cause your computer to go slower on other task, when it is running.

The good side is that it will be able to do a truly deep scan.

There should be no stone left unturned.

The Case For Using An Online Virus Scanner

If you decide to go with a web based scanner, everything is not roses there either.

Even though most online antivirus scanners are updated on a regular basis, they can be slower to run on your computer.

This is a network scan, so there will be some latency issues.

Also, if the files are a certain size, then it will be harder to upload and scan the file.

If you do not have a back up, updated, desktop client antivirus solution, this can put you at risk if you decide to click on that file anyway.

But as we said before, a web based scanner will most likely have the latest threats that are online.

This is a big advantage.

As you see, there are good and bad with both methods.

To make sure that you are safe, we recommend having both available.

Use the web based scanner for single files that you might find on the Internet.

And use an updated desktop scanner for big files that would take too long to upload.

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