Shocking Holy Spirit Scam?

Ghanian Kojo Nana Obiri-Yeboah, a Ugandan based pastor, recently bought an electric shock machine as a present to give his daughter on her birthday.

Or did he?

a shocking news story

a shocking news story

The electric shock device, has been described by manufacturers Yigal Maesika as an ‘Electric Touch’ machine that can “charge a spoon, keys or coins and watch as it shocks a volunteer”. They go on to say “They will believe you have supernatural powers!”.

Coming at a time of massive growth in ministries in Africa by charismatic preachers, there is natuarally a concern that many of them may be fraudsters.

According to the BBC, Mr Obiri-Yeboah’s We Are One ministry is famed for prayer time during which it is said many of the congregation ‘act as the spirit comes in them’.

Police, who seized the electric shock machine at Entebbe airport, are now investigating this local incident, having first believed that the device may be a bomb making component. On a wider scale Uganda’s Minister for Ethics and integrity, James Nsaba Buturo, is examining claims against several churches that allege wrongdoing and impropriety.

Mr Buturo noted that most churches in the region were contributing well to society but that there were a minority set up by people with no formal religious training who may be taking advantage of the poor level of education amongst their congregation, asking for donations in return for blessings that may help them become rich in the future.

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