Setting A Security Code In Facebook

Are you worried that someone may gain unauthorised access to your Facebook account? If so, one way to mitigate the risk is by using a security code.

If you go to the security settings page within Facebook then you can set up Login Approvals.

To get started click on Edit and then tick the box next to where it says, ”
Require a security code to access my account from unknown browsers”. Now click on Save Changes to proceed.


Facebook will now show you a short message (see above) which gives some info on what you are about to set up. Click on Get Started in order to proceed.


The first step is to enter the name of the browser you are using, i.e. Chrome. Then click on Add Browser. If you try logging in with Chrome, or whichever browser you named, then no code will be required. Using another browser will, however, require you to enter the code that you will be generating.


Next up, let Facebook know what type of phone you are using (you will also need the latest version of Facebook installed if you haven’t already got it). Now click on Continue.


The next step will require you to use your phone. Open up your Facebook app and open the menu which looks like a button with a set of 3 horizontal lines on it, found at the top left of the screen.

Scroll down and activate the code generator. You will now see a six digit code on your phone. This is valid for 30 seconds – if you don’t enter this same code into Facebook within this time then it will update and give you a new six digit code.


Transfer the code that you have been given back into Facebook (I’ve hidden mine for obvious reasons). Facebook should confirm that you’ve typed it correctly. Click on Confirm.

You should now notice that your browser and phone are listed as Recognized Devices on Facebook’s main security settings page and you won’t need to verify your identity when using either of these. Should someone else try to access your account with another browser or different mobile device then they won’t be so lucky!

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