Serbian Billboard Hackers Get Their Just Reward. And It Runs On 4G

A few days ago some computer science students hacked an electronic billboard in the Republic Square in the centre of Belgrade, Serbia. Now they have received their just reward.


After playing space invaders the students then displayed a message in support of The Pirate Bay (seen above). They also recorded their capers and a 22 minute video appeared on YouTube. During the filming none of those involved made any attempts to hide their identities and two of them have now been named as Ivan Petrovic (21) and Filip Stanisavljevic (20).

Instead of backfiring though the pair were actually rewarded by billboard advertising company DPC who gave each a 4G iPad mini, something that surprised the students somewhat –

“I think it is unusual and very cool to respond like that,” Ivan adds. “It probably wasn’t the best way to demonstrate the vulnerability, but perhaps we wouldn’t have gotten their attention otherwise.”

Of course kids that doesn’t mean that you should try this in an attempt to get some free goodies – depending on where you live and the nature of the company involved you are just as likely to get arrested and jailed for a long time for pulling such a stunt!

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