Top Ranking SEO Scam

If you own your own website then you probably know the importance of search engine optimisation.

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO as most know it, encompasses a wide variety of methods designed to enhance your site’s positioning within the Search Engine ResultS pages (SERPS).

Obviously, the better you site ranks in the results, the more visitors your web site will receive.

Questionable Practices

Whilst there are a huge number of SEO professionals in the market place who could do wonders for your site, for a price, there are also a few individuals and companies with questionable reputations and practices.

The typical tell-tale signs that you are dealing with an SEO scammer is that they will firstly rubbish the work of any other SEO who has paid attention to your site in the past.

Often they will hype themselves up, saying only they have the system to get your site ranking well.

Rank #1

The most common SEO scam is for the person who is offering the service to offer to get you 5 keywords ranking at position number one in Google’s SERPS.

Firstly, this is something that is impossible for any genuine SEO to guarantee.

There is a variable level of competition for all the keywords out there and for some industries even reaching the first page would of the SERPS would be impossible without millions of dollars of investment.

So how do these SEOs get away with making such a claim?

What they do, is they don’t commit themselves to saying which keywords they will get you ranked for.

Therefore, they will pick obscure words or phrases with little or no competition. That way you get ranked #1 but don’t actually receive much traffic.

Pay per click trick

Secondly, if they are charging you a high price for their services, they may instigate a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign through Yahoo’s or Google’s advertising schemes.

This has the effect of putting your keyword at the top of the SERPS, as a sponsored listing, and may prove effective in terms of driving traffic for a while.

However, it costs money to maintain and when the campaign ends your site will drop back to where it was before.

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  1. We offer page #1 positions for our client’s most competitive keywords and we guarantee rankings BEFORE any payment is due. Often the client’s website will also attain hundreds of long-tail 1st page positions as an extra side benefit.

    It’s okay to guarantee positions — so long as you ALSO guarantee rankings will be acheived in advance of payment.

    John Barremore
    Houston, TX

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