Security Update For HTC Android Users

Back on Monday I wrote about a “massive vulnerability” connected to HTC smart phones, as discovered by the Android Police. You can read that article to get some more detailed information but, suffice to say, the general gist of the situation is that any application requesting internet access could gain access to user information including account details and much more private data besides.

This particular hole, it would seem, affects the Thunderbolt, Evo3D and Evo4d handsets.

Security Update For HTC Android Users

The latest news on this issue, and it is good news, is that HTC have now confirmed the security hole and have released a statement:

HTC takes claims related to the security of our products very seriously. In our ongoing investigation into this recent claim, we have concluded that while this HTC software itself does no harm to customers’ data, there is a vulnerability that could potentially be exploited by a malicious third-party application. A third party malware app exploiting this or any other vulnerability would potentially be acting in violation of civil and criminal laws. So far, we have not learned of any customers being affected in this way and would like to prevent it by making sure all customers are aware of this potential vulnerability.

HTC is working very diligently to quickly release a security update that will resolve the issue on affected devices. Following a short testing period by our carrier partners, the patch will be sent over-the-air to customers, who will be notified to download and install it. We urge all users to install the update promptly. During this time, as always, we strongly urge customers to use caution when downloading, using, installing and updating applications from untrusted sources.

Its good to see a quick (ish) response from HTC and even better news that a patch is imminent.

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