Security Flaw With Samsung Android Lock Screen

Run applications and make calls on a locked Samsung Android phone – impossible? Nope. 

Mobile enthusiast Terence Eden has discovered a way to get round the lock screen on Samsung’s Android 4.1.2.


There is limited use here as the target device has to have a direct dial widget on the home screen but it does work nonetheless.

“This attack works against Pattern Lock, PIN, Password, and Face Unlock. There is no way to secure your phone against your home screen being accessed.”
Terence Eden

To exploit this security flaw the attacker should activate the screen and press Emergency Call. Then press the “ICE” button on the bottom left and hold down the physical home key for a few seconds and then release. Next, access the Home screen and launch any app or widget that is on it.

The most concerning thing about this though, in my opinion, is the response (or lack thereof) from Samsung themselves –

“…five days later, and Samsung’s security team havenot made any contact with me to discuss this bug or its disclosure. I wonder if this is typical of Samsung’s attitude towards their customers and the industry in general? Do they believe that if they ignore problems, they will disappear?”
Terence Eden

Will this flaw, and Samsung’s apparent lack of interest in it, put you off buying one of their handsets?

photo: cytech

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