Security Concerns When It Comes To Your iPhone

The IPhone is one of the top selling phones of all time. It changed the way we think about our cell phones and what they can do for us. Even though they were not the first smart phone to the market, they were one of the best and so they are now everywhere. They are a hit among all the different age groups out there. No matter if you are talking to a kid or a senior citizen when the conversation turns to smart phones the IPhone is eventually going to be mentioned. It is the standard to which we hold all of the other smart phones out there.


But is it number one when it comes to everything? Most people would say no. But is it number one in most categories? To this you can say yes. One of the categories that you hear a lot about when it comes to the IPhone dominating the market is when they talk about security. Overall the IPhone security system has proven to be very good but there are holes in there. And that is what we are going to talk about in this article.

Overall, when it comes to security, the IPhone is better than most of the other phones out there. But the IPhone is not infallible. Really, the biggest difference between the IPhone and the Android model of security is where the apps are sold and not the actual security model itself. With an Android phone you can install an app from anywhere. And in the actual app store that Google runs, the apps are not checked before they are placed in the store. With Apple, they check everything that comes in. So it is a lot harder to get malware in the store. It has happened but not as often as in the Google app store. But the fact that it has happened means that Apple’s model of security is not unbreakable.

The apps on the IPhone is not Apple’s biggest security problem. It is the fact that you are able to use Safari on the IPhone. Safari is a web browser and it allows you to surf any web site on the net. As an end user you are susceptible to malware and phishing attacks just like you would be on a computer. Most people think they are safe when they web surf on the IPhone so they are not as careful.

So as you can see, even though the Apple IPhone has a very good security model it still is not perfect.

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