Security Alert : Phishing Attempt On Twitter

It’s less than a month since I wrote about about potential security issues surrounding the new social networking craze known as Twitter.

It would seem that one or more individuals are trying to solicit personal information via the Direct Messaging (DM) system.

If you should receive a message that says something like,

‘hey! Check out this funny blog about you?’

then checking that site out is the last thing you want to be doing.

The link actually redirects to an altogether different URL – – which looks exactly like the regular login page for the social network site.

However, it is a spoof, designed to extract user names and passwords so that those behind the ruse can take over the compromised accounts for who knows what sort of purposes.

Fortunately, Twitter are on the case and are wise to what is going on, releasing their own Tweet on the matter –


I think their Tweet, shown in the image above, says it all really.

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  1. Update : has an alternative, and comprehensive, analysis of this scam on their site.


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