Security, Actions And Consequences

When we are children probably the first lesson that many of us learn is that there are always consequences for our actions. It does not matter whether the consequences are good or bad, small or big, something is going to happen because of the decision that we made. And that is something that we have to live with. There is no getting around this fact. And nowhere does this lesson ring true than in the world of computer security.


When you are in the world of computer security you have to make decisions all of the time. And most of the time these decisions are going to affect someone else in the organization. Sometimes the effect will be positive and other times the effect will be negative. And when the effects are negative you are going to have someone mad at you.

Most of the time, these decisions come down to privacy versus security. In the world of computer security to have one you must be willing to give up the other. But you do not do it in extremes. You try your best to find a nice balance. This balance must ensure that everyone still has a nice, relatively healthy working environment while at the same time still being safe.

This means that you have to make decisions sometimes that will look like you are invading your co workers privacy. Or at the very least it will look like you are invading your co workers freedom. For example, a lot of security administrators have made the decision to shut down Facebook from the company network. They do not trust the traffic that comes in from it and also it waste a lot of workers time. So now your fellow workers are looking at you like you are a traitor. That is because you had to sacrifice a little bit of privacy and freedom to gain more security. It is a hard choice but probably the right one to make.

You will run across decisions like this all of the time. And you will have to take the time to make sure that you are in the right when you finally make the decisions. Not everyone is going to be happy but that is better than having an insecure network and losing your job.

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