Securing Your Work Files Before You Share Them Over The Internet

While you are at the office it is probably easy to share the files that you work on with your fellow employees. And these days that is something that most people who work in an office have to do. They have to get used to the corporate network and how it works so that they can pass files to one another. It allows the office to be more efficient and it also allows a greater level of collaboration. But what do you do when you are not in the office and you are on a public network? How do you share the files safely at point? Well there are a few ways that you can go about it and that is what we are going to talk about in this article. There are going to be times when you need to share a work file safely when you are out in the public so we are going to show you how.


It is a good thing that you are looking at this paper and trying to learn how to share the files safely. Most people do not even get that far. They do not think about the security implications that could arise from sharing sensitive documents in this manner. All they do is click send in their email account and off the file goes. While this will work without incident 95% of the time, it is that other 5% of the time that you have to worry about. It is then when the bad guys will be able to get their hands on sensitive information from your company.

Well, the first thing that you need to take a look at is whether or not the connection you are on is secure. Are you at your home and on a private network there or are you at Starbucks and trying to send the files over their publicly open network? That really makes a big difference when it comes to security. While you are at home you do not have to worry as much about someone being on the line listening in. While it does happen there is less of a chance of it being the case. But when you are on a publicly available network then there is more that you have to worry about. Publicly available networks are used all of the time in what is known as a man in the middle attack.

A man in the middle attack is when the bad guy intercepts all messages and copies them. Then they let the original message go to destination that it was being sent to. The people who receive the message and the person who sent do not know that there was someone in the middle trying to read the data. And it is those kinds of attacks that you have to worry about when you are on a public network. You can stop this from happening by making sure the document that you are sending is encrypted. There are several tools out there that you can use to encrypt your documents. What encryption will help you do is to make sure that any data that is intercepted by a third party is not able to be read by them. It will just appear as a garbled message.

So basically if you are not on your corporate network and you need to send work documents back and forth between colleagues then you should make sure that they are encrypted. This way if anyone is able to get their hands on them they will not be able to read a thing.

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