Secure Twitter Rules For Your Business To Use

Even if you have lived in a cave for the past several years, there is no way at this point you do not know who the biggest players are in the social wars. When we say social wars we are talking about which web sites most people go to when it comes to their social media habits. Once, Myspace was the biggest monster on the planet when it came to the social media space. That has not been true for the past couple of years. Right now it is Facebook who is running the show with Twitter being in a not so close second. It looks like we might have a new player in the building with the rise of Google’s very own offering, the service called G+.

Each of these services offers their very own perspectives but it is one that can be a little more dangerous than the others. While they all can be dangerous when it comes to leaking out the wrong information about your business, it is Twitter which is probably the most dangerous out of the three. The reason why it is the most dangerous is because of the fact that it is real time and most people do not think long and hard about what they tweet on there. And it is also the most dangerous because out of all the services out there you probably get more strange links from Twitter than anywhere else. In this article we are going to show you how to keep Twitter secure in your work place so you do not have to worry about these types of problems happening to you.

Secure Twitter Rules For Your Business To Use

Workers education

Even though you may have employees who work around computers all day this does not mean that they know a lot about them. Most people think that the computer is actually a very complicated piece of machinery that it does not help them to think too much about. And they feel the same way about the internet as well. The fact is while the computer is very complicated, it is not that hard to figure out and if you just take a little bit of time reading up on it then you will be able to figure out how to stay safe while using one.

And that is what you want your workers to do. If they want to be able to continue to use social media services at the office then they are going to have learn how to use them safely. You can do this by setting up mandatory classes. If not enough people want to attend these classes then you make sure that they are not allowed to use social media services like Twitter while they are at the office. If you really want to, you can make the classes mandatory for your employees. Of course this all depends on what kind of office you have. If you have a bunch of employees that are in their fifties and over then you probably do not have to worry about having a mandatory class. Very few of these people fall into the social media demographic. You probably have more security concerns from them when it comes to visiting a normal web site that might have malware on it. But if you have an office of employees that are in their thirties or twenties then this is a demographic that you have to worry about. They are the ones who are going to be actively using Twitter and might cause a security problem when it comes to the network.

Another option that you have is to cause a total black out at the office when it comes to social media services. You can tell people that they are not allowed to use the services while they are at work. While this might cause a lot of people to complain, it might also cause them to become more productive as well. But some people feel that it is better to have happy workers who are not bitter. Taking away their social media can make them bitter. They feel that happy workers are overall more productive and are less likely to leave you. So if you care about that then social media education might be the way to go.

You have to remember that most people do not know the harm that social media can cause. They are not trying to bring down your network on purpose nor do they understand what they are doing wrong. They do not realize how harmful clicking on the wrong link can be. So your best bet is to educate them. It is not like the problem is going away anytime soon.

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