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BitDefender-SphereHopefully by now you understand the importance of protecting your computer with an antivirus program or internet security suite. You may also realise that the number of threats against the Apple Mac, whilst still quite low, are in fact increasing in line with the growth of that machine’s popularity. You may also be aware that Android based smart phones and tablets are also juicy fruit for hackers and other cyber criminals.

So you quite rightly want to protect all of these devices that you own.

But what if you own several of these devices? Buying protection for each can be very costly indeed, especially where your devices are so different from each other, necessitating the need to perhaps buy as many as three different programs.

Thats where BitDefender Sphere comes in.

BitDefender Sphere

So what exactly is BitDefender’s Sphere all about then?

Quite simply, it is a combination of 3 different existing BitDefender products that, between them will protect:

  • Your PC
  • Your Mac
  • Your Android Smartphone and/or tablet

The protection you will receive in this product comes via:

  • BitDefender Total Security 2012
  • BitDefender Antivirus for Mac
  • BitDefender Mobile Security
[box type=”gray”]BitDefender Total Security will protect your PC against the latest malware and you from identity theft. It runs very well on newer machines and also offers parental controls, online backups and social networking safeguards[/box]
[box type=”yellow”]BitDefender Antivirus for Mac offers proactive protection against the latest threats to your Mac. It will also take care of Windows viruses so that, even though you may be immune to those, you won’t pass them on to friends and family.[/box]
[box type=”gray”]BitDefender Mobile Security offers top anti-theft services as well as cloud-based threat detection. With this installed you’ll enjoy secure browsing and have the ability to track and control your phone if you are unfortunate enough to lose it or have it stolen. All of this with minimal impact on your battery life.[/box]

And the best thing is that with this deal you get one unlimited license.

That means you can protect as many devices as you want for one low price!!

To give you an idea of that that means, if you were to buy 1x PC Security, 1x MAC Security and 1x Mobile Security covering 3PCs, it will cost $159.75 at today’s prices. But if you buy BitDefender Sphere you will only pay $99.95!

Special Offer

Does $99.95 sound good for what is on offer here? I think it does. I’ve tested and reviewed several BitDefender PC products in recent months and rate them very highly indeed. But you don’t need to even pay $99.95 if you act quickly:

[box type=”red”]Landing Page offer – Bitdefender Sphere All-Around Security Offer. A unified security solution for a combination of PCs, MACs and Android based Mobile devices. One Unlimited license for 1 Year! Special discounted affiliate rate. Save a further $20 today. Only $79.95. Offer ends February 14th 2012. Find out more.. [/box]

Thats right, buy before February 14th and you will save a further $20, making the total price of one unlimited license just $79.95

I say go for it!

About Lee Munson

Lee's non-technical background allows him to write about internet security in a clear way that is understandable to both IT professionals and people just like you who need simple answers to your security questions.


  1. Thank you Lee- after a 2 hour search on australian sites this was the best info & price link-$75, very much appreciated. At checkout rec’d another 5 free Internet Security licences to give away! Tks again.

    • Hi Michelle

      5 free Internet Security licences? Wow! I wasn’t aware that offer was on – do you know if it is unique to Australian customers?

      • went to-
        on here prices were all in $AUD
        Part receipt emailed reads:-
        Price/unit: 93.79 AUD
        Taxes (VAT): 0.00 AUD
        Discount: 18.76 AUD
        Promotion name: Sphere Promotion 20 % Discount – Affiliates Channel
        Total: 75.03 AUD
        After all accepted online, comes up with the 5 friends or family share InetSec offer (to be used within 30 days of me activating offer- tho could expire 29/2- hard to tell)
        Anything else I can help with, happy to check further

        • ** that is …hard to tell if unique to Australia.

          • It may be – I was obviously aware of the 20% discount but this is the first I’ve heard of the ‘family offer’. I suspect, as I think you do, that they may be trial versions that expire at the end of the month though.

  2. Mike Wilkins says:

    That’s a good price. Thanks for sharing.

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