Scam Email Reference Alexander Litvinenko

The latest email scam I have received is clever in that it references a well-known person and event, namely Alexander Litvinenko, an ex-Colonel in the KGB –

Dear One,

It is my solemn pleasure to be able to get to you finally. Do take this email as a contribution to fate. This is not an easy task and that is the main reason why I contacted you. I was driven to contact you from the innermost being. Please do not be offended. I will understand completely if you cannot be of assistance to me.

I am Mrs.Marina Litvinenko,wife of Alexander Litvinenko, a former Russian security officer who died in a London hospital after apparently being poisoned with the highly-toxic by a paid agent in Russia.

You can read articles about my Husband’s ordeal via the websites below:

Please I want you to assist in donating and distributing these funds to charity in your region on behalf of my humbleself, I shall be presenting the said funds (USD$3.5M) to you which was given to my husband before his death by Mr Berezovsky,A Russian Billionaire, Who he saved his life by exposing the plot against him.

The Funds are deposited with a Financial firm in Europe and I will personally put you in charge of this great exercise and you are to use your discresion to take the percentage that will be ok for you and your household. While you do the good work and don’t forget to let the benefactor know that this was possible with the help of a foreigner by the name Mrs. Marina Litvinenko.

As soon as I receive your response,I will furnish you with more details on this issue. As i have come to realise that all things are vanity when you are not helping others.

Get back to me via my E-Mail:
Best Regards,
Mrs. Litvinenko

Of course, using news stories to try to add some validity to these emails is nothing new, air crashes are often referenced in these so-called 419 emails.

The best thing to do with such an email is simply delete it as those behind it are looking to take money, not give it to you.

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  1. Well, 10 points for imagination. I think that mail is somehow about a year old.

    Maybe there’s a generator – I wanna give you RANDOM(1-10)mln $ . I am RANDOM_KNOWN_NAME…

    • I actually wrote about a generator in a previous post, I’ll have to see if it’s still active and then bump the post back to the front…

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