Save Your Important Documents On At Least 3 Devices

While you may think that it is simply a matter of backing up your files, it is not. This is a matter of security as well. When you have important documents, you want to make sure that you have them stored in several secured places and not just one. Some people seem to think that one back up is just fine. They will even back the file up on the same device and think that they are being safe. Nothing is further from the truth. In this article I will show why you need to back up your important documents on more than one device. Not only is it smart but it is a matter of security.

backup, backup, backup

backup, backup, backup

The bad guys’ motives

Black hat hackers motives are usually in two parts. There is the financial motivation of being able to get valuable data. And then there is the curiosity factor. Most of the people who become hackers do it because they have the desire for knowledge. Breaking into your computer and stealing your data helps satisfy that thirst for knowledge. So not only will they steal your data from you but they will also erase it off of your system as well. A lot of times it depends on if they feel like they might have to come back to your system. If it is a one shot deal then they will destroy the files. If it is not then they will leave them alone so they can help cover their tracks.

The important back ups

So if this happens to you then you need to make sure that you have a back up of all your important documents. But you cannot just store them on just one device. If your data is erased off of your main computer, and then something happens to the backup you are in trouble. No, you need to make sure that you use at least three devices. Remember we are talking about important data and not just your prom pictures.

A good backup system is very important when it comes to security. Make sure that you follow through and have the right system in place.

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