Samsung Laptops And The Keylogger That Wasn’t There

Logging onto Twitter this morning I discovered that one of the more interesting infosec stories of the day evolved around Samsung laptops and whether or not they may have had a keylogger installed on them.

The implications of a new laptop being shipped with the StarLogger keylogger pre-installed are, to say the least, of interest to not only the security profession.

Fortunately, however, it would seem that any thoughts of a serious faux pas by Samsung are well wide of the mark.

Samsung laptops do NOT come with a pre-installed keylogger

Samsung laptops do NOT come with a pre-installed keylogger

Instead, according to a release from Samsung themselves, it would appear that an otherwise excellent security product from Vipre may have mis-flagged a language folder due to the fact that it was named “SL” which, in fact, was ┬ábecause it was a Slovenian language folder.

Therefore, there is no need to panic if you have a Samsung laptop, though it wouldn’t hurt to check out your system by searching for StarLogger anyway.

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