Safer Surfing: Secure Your Router

If you have grown up in the internet age then being able to navigate all of the technology that you see probably comes a little bit easier to you. But if you are someone who was used to doing things a certain way before the internet then you might be a little lost when it comes to all of the new technology.

While you might like using it, there are probably some parts of it that you do not understand. That really makes sense because if you are not using something when you are growing up then you have to really work at adjusting it into your normal lifestyle. By the time you reach a certain age you already have a normal routine worked out and you get used to doing that routine every day. When you add a new piece of technology to that routine then you probably have to readjust even if that technology is helping you out in the long run.

This is how a lot of people feel when it comes to the router that they have to use to be able to get wireless internet all over the house. Truthfully, they probably feel that way with all of the tech that is used to bring internet into your home. But with the router you will see another level of confusion because it is a technology that the average person has only been using for a few years.

If you are the average person then there is a good chance that you only mess with your wireless router a few times a month. That means that you probably only have to mess with it when you have to unplug it when you are having computer problems. But the thing is that the wireless router is configurable and usually when something is configurable, if one little thing is off then you are going to have to go in and fix it. And that can drive a lot of people crazy when dealing with the router.

When you originally got your wireless router the first thing you probably had to configure was the security levels of it. While it may seem like a bother to a lot of people this is actually very important. People do not realise that your router will have two entrances that can be attacked.

First of all, the most obvious one is that if you do not set up your firewall in the router then the bad guys will be able to sneak into your system. That is why when you get a new router you should be sure that first it comes with its own firewall and, second, that you are sure that it is on.

After that, the second thing that you have to worry about when it comes to your router is that you have a strong password set up to be able to access the router itself. There are plenty of people who are in your area who would love to be able to leech off of your internet and connect to your network. If your router does not have a password set up they will be able to do that. So that means you have to put a password in to both to be able to access the settings panels in the router and to be able to connect to the network itself and be able to use the internet. Those settings will usually be called WPA, WPA2, or WEP.

So as you can see, protecting your network is very important. And you can only do that by making sure you know how to set up your router correctly.

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