Saddam Hussein’s Guide To Multi Level Marketing

Earlier in the year I was fortunate enough to interview a couple of figures from history in order to see how they would promote a multi level marketing opportunity, should they have chosen to do so.

The Egyptian pharaoh Khafre and the notorious Adolph Hitler both made good points but today it is the turn of the now deceased Iraqi leader, Saddam Hussein, who I managed to interview just before his execution.

Over to you Saddam –

The first point Saddam chose to make was that no-one achieves anything in life without being dedicated to a cause.

In fact, Saddam suggested that in order to succeed in multi level marketing, one must be prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice and to martyr themselves for the cause if need be.



Saddam was quite adamant that one of the keys to running a successful multi level marketing business was the retention of overall control.

In fact, he went further and suggested that a network marketer should trust no-one.

Well, almost no-one.

Saddam recommended that family members should always be kept close as they were marginally more trustworthy than outsiders, and potentially lethal enemies, but needed watching closely at all times in case they showed any signs of disloyalty.

By recruiting every member of his clan into his downline Saddam had ensured that they would not only buy into everything that he did but also that they would be complicit in his deeds and would, therefore, have a vested interest in his continuing success.


Saddam’s next tip was a very good point, that success was dependent on having a belief in the product.

For this reason, Saddam chose an mlm that he could relate to.

By picking a networking opportunity based around nutrients he tapped into his extensive knowledge of chemicals, something he had used to devastating effect in the past.

Saddam had used his experience of chemicals to, quite literally, wipe out the competition which opened up all manner of new lines of profit for him.


Saddam’s third point centred around the silencing of any one who dared to doubt the opportunity he offered.

Of course his vision was both pure and perfect and anyone who could not see that was not worth listening to.

For that reason, he made sure no-one ever did listen to the dissenting voices.


By eradicating all negative comments, Saddam ensured that everyone either believed that his mlm was a vision of utopia or were too scared to suggest otherwise.

This made it incredibly easy for his downline to sell to the masses who would buy whatever they were given, regardless of the cost.


Of course there were some critics, working for a rival mlm, who were based outside of Saddam’s direct sphere of influence.

These people warranted special treatment.

Saddam organised a large group within his downline and tasked them with waging a war of information.

They would invade anywhere that dared to go against the wisdom of their leader, spreading disinformation and telling blatant lies.

Many weak-willed potential recruits read their propaganda and were swayed to the cause.


Saddam’s last tip was to manipulate the media.

He firmly believed that a positive spin could be applied to just about any cause or person.

Therefore, he painted a picture of himself and his mlm that was nigh on perfect.

To those who had joined his cult he appeared like a god, and his networking opportunity was the road to paradise, despite the fact that all free-thinking people of the world knew that he was lying and misrepresenting the truth about what he was offering every time he spoke.

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  1. I like they way you make the point that mlms manipulate the media and involve their members in a cult-like fashion.

  2. Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with the network marketing business. Please get your facts straight.

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