Why Russian Mail Order Brides Aren’t Always What They Seem

A large number of people around the world are, for one reason or another, lonely.

This includes gullible men who manage to throw common sense out of the window after beginning online relationships with women on websites.

Charmed by their kind words, enticing suggestions and beautiful pictures, these men will throw thousands of dollars their way in the hope of ‘buying’ a little piece of romance.

But are they really talking to Russian beauties?


Of course, as you may have already guessed, these men sent large sums of cash to their ladies (for visas, travel, unexpected problems, etc) but never saw them, or the money, again.

Worse, perhaps, they would then find out later that the woman of their dreams was, in fact, a man!

It is quite common for these scammers to be men who correspond according to scripts they have been given by their bosses.

One of their favourite lines, which they serve up to many of their victims, is a classic –

‘I want to wake up in the morning early and prepare food for you’

That in itself should be a dead giveaway as we all know that no woman would ever do that!!!

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  1. That picture put me off my dinner!

  2. I’m glad I ‘ve never had to resort to online dating, that guy looks a bit too male for my liking! 😀

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