Russian Hacker Hermes Has Wings Clipped By Russian Police

An alleged 22 year-old hacker known as “Arashi”, aka, “Hermes” has been detained by Russian authorities. It has been reported that he used a combination of banking trojans and a botnet to steal around 150 million rubles (about $4.5 million).


In an obvious attempt to stay below police radar (sarcasm), Hermes apparently used the funds he acquired to buy a luxurious house in addition to a collection of expensive cars. He is also believed to have invested his reportedly ill-gotten gains into legitimate businesses too.

Using a trojan, he infected and enslaved up to 6 million computers into a botnet. Which is ironic really when you consider the fact that the Hermes of legend was actually a Greek god who aided the people in their fight against the Trojans!

According to (Google translated),

Operatives of the Office of “K” of the Russian Interior Ministry jointly by CDC and the Russian Federal Security Service SS ATC SAD Research Affairs of Russia in Moscow raided the place of residence and seized the attacker computer hardware, media, and documents showing his involvement in criminal activity. The broad expert support was provided by specialists antivirus company, “Dr. Web”.

A criminal case under three articles of the Criminal Code – 159 (“Fraud”), 272 (“Illegal access to computer information”), 273 (“The creation, use and dissemination of malicious software”). The attacker was arrested.

In connection with his arrest and the elimination of these botnets staff of the Office of “K” of the Russian Interior Ministry and the specialists of “Doctor Web,” predicted a significant reduction in the number of thefts of cash from bank accounts of individuals and organizations.

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