Rupert Murdoch: News Corp Companies Hacked Again

According to the chairman and chief executive, Rupert Murdoch, News Corp companies have again been targeted by hackers. Again, said hackers are believed to be from China, mirroring the recent ongoings with The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and others.


This morning Murdoch tweeted that, “Chinese still hacking us, or were over the weekend.” –

If you have time its well worth checking out some of the replies to that tweet that pick up on the irony of Murdoch complaining about hacking, i.e. –

and –

You may also like an Anonymous hack which left Murdoch’s paper, The Sun, suggesting that the media mogul was actually dead.

The Journal’s parent company Dow Jones, a unit of News Corp, suggested that Chinese hackers spying on United States media had become something of a “widespread phenomenon”.

photo: david_shankbone

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