Robber Eaten By Vigilante Croc

Did a crocodile make an over-zealous citizen’s arrest?

According to this email I received, it would seem that law enforcement officers were not required in the apprehension of an unfortunate car thief..


Hindsight being what it is, an unidentified thief (allegedly) burglarising cars behind the Miccosukee Indian Reservation in Dade County, Florida might have picked a different hunting ground had he known that he’d become the hunted.

And we mean that in the most literal sense.

You see, witnesses called the cops on the burglar while he was breaking into cars, and the boys in blue arrived on the scene and gave chase.

Hoping to elude the fuzz, the suspect dove into a pond behind the resort and casino where he was greeted by a 9-foot alligator unfamiliar with the concept of Miranda rights.

Unfortunately for the suspected burglar, the alligator was of the aggressive and unpleasant variety, and thus, a law-breaking career came to a grisly and unexpected end..

He’d have been a lot better off spending the night in the clink instead of heading into the drink.

Unfortunately for the gator vigilante, Florida fish & wildlife reps saw to it that he followed his erstwhile prey into the afterlife.

Reality, of course, is often different.

The above email is a hoax but, as with many such hoaxes, it is based upon fact which does lend some believability to it.

Back in November of this year a car thief was indeed fatally wounded on an Indian Reservation in Miami, Florida.

In that instance, however, the vigilante was not an alligator but a crocodile.

Other pictures attached to the email are a little too grisly to be shown here as they depict a variety of bodily parts that were said to have been found in the croc’s stomach.

In truth, the robber was bitten around the head and not ripped apart.

Either way, it serves as a good reminder that crime doesn’t pay, don’t you think?

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