Reverse Engineering The Android Phone

For a long time the number one mobile smart phone on the market was the IPhone. It was the phone that began the smart phone revolution. While we had other smart phones out there such as the blackberry and Palm, it was the IPhone that really got people to sit up and notice what was going on. But now, when it comes to popularity, the IPhone is sitting in the number two position. There are other phones out there that are rising to the top and that is phones which are based on the Android operating system.

Reverse Engineering The Android Phone

Yes, the reason why Android phones are beating out IPhones right now is because there are so many different form factors. Some are cheap while others are high end. And the IPhone just offers one type of phone for everyone. So people are starting to gravitate more and more to Android based phones and they are finding them to be more powerful phones than advertised.

While most people use the phone for basic smart phone usage there is a group of people who take the Android based phones much more seriously. These are people who like to reverse engineer items and they find that they are able to do that a lot with Android based phones.

While not all Android based phones are open, enough of them are where it becomes a hackers dream to be able to use them. And we mean white hat hacker in this case. White hat hackers from around the world are buying these phones to be able to modify them. They are able to do this because a large part of the Android platform is open source. This means that they have the source code ready for them to use. They can make any changes that they want and then recompile the code.

But it is not only looking at source code that helps with this endeavor. There are a lot of tools available for the Android platform to allow you to reverse engineer it as well. These are tools such as decompilers and hex readers. These tools, put together with the Android source code allow a white hacker to have a lot of fun.

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