Resources Through Which Identity Thieves Can Obtain Your Personal Details

In recent years identity theft has rapidly turned out to be one of the most widespread crimes in today’s society.

It has proven to be quite hard to tackle and prevent due to the fact that law enforcement agencies are not adequately prepared to appropriately deal with most of these offences.

This has eventually led to the formation of various companies which offer services that help guard families or unsuspecting individuals against this offence.

Due to the fact that not much is still known about this type of crime, a good number of people are not really aware of how destructive it can be, both in terms of their finances and also in how it can hurt them on an emotional level.

There are various identity theft facts that will help enlighten people about this crime and its repercussions.

resources used by identity thieves

resources used by identity thieves

Resources Used By Identity Thieves

In order for identity thieves to access your personal details they can use various resources.

To begin with they manage to get their hands on your details through various companies or organizations by illegally obtaining your records from your employer which can be done through false pretense.

A good example is by the criminal approaching your employer as an IRS agent, this makes it easy for them to obtain all the information they need to know about you and without any problems.

They could also sweet talk an employee with either cash or other gifts so that they can steal the details for them.

Most of these criminals are quite knowledgeable on how to operate a computer, therefore they use their knowledge to penetrate a company’s records and steal all the information they need.

Whether dealing with a company or an individual’s confidential information, it is highly recommended to completely shred copies of documents that contain sensitive information before disposing them.

This is because identity thieves go to the extent of going through piles of garbage thrown from offices or homes, an act known as dumpster diving.

They can also steal this information from employers who have records that contain personal details of all their employees.

They could also pose as a landlord, employer or anyone else who is lawfully permitted to have access to such information.

For the landlords they often use the social security numbers to carry out a background check on a prospective tenant.

They can also get your credit card details when your card is being swiped.

They install a machine capable of storing all the necessary details – this procedure is better known as skimming.

Another way they gain access to your personal details is through robbery – they often steal wallets and women’s handbags where various cards, including bank cards, are usually kept.

This crime has become quite rampant due to the fact that it has been recorded that roughly 10 million people in the US are affected every year.

Just to show how serious it is becoming, another case of identity theft comes to light roughly every 4 seconds!

By considering the resources used by a crook to conduct identity theft you can lessen the chances of the next victim being YOU.

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