Resident Hoax 5 : Zombie Swine Flu

I guess with all the hype, hysteria and misinformation circulating about swine flu right now it was only a matter of time before an outright hoax appeared.

Zombie-Swine-Flu have done an exceptionally good job of making this bogus report on swine flu look like a legitimate article from the BBC news website.

The fictitious news report parodies the ‘real’ swine flu press coverage and talks of ‘facts’ such as a boy from the Netherlands who dies and then rises from the dead in order to lunge at his mother!

Whilst the story is quite obviously a hoax, presumably designed to attract visitors to, it does have the potential to fool some people.

Considering the viral nature of sites like Twitter, along with the fact that most URLs on there are disguised via shortening services, along with the propensity for retweeting of links that haven’t even been visited, I could well imagine a War of the Worlds type situation where people actually believe this hoax and panic accordingly!

What did you think of that bogus swine flu report and did you believe it?

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  1. Oh I love the picture 🙂

    It looks like the hysteria is dying down now but you are right about people panicking about such an obviously overhyped health crisis.

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