Remember That Your Password Is For You And You Alone

Even though it may be hard to come up with one, a good password is something that you should be able to get a lot of mileage on. When you know that you have a good password blocking the access of some trusted site that you are a member of then you can sleep good knowing that the data that you put on that server will not be able to be seen by anyone but you. At least if the company is not hacked by some other means. At least you know that if they are then it will be by no fault of your own.


As a matter of fact, when you learn how to make good passwords for all of the accounts that you have throughout the web then you are sure to feel even better. You will be able to know that all of your accounts are safe and you will be the only one to have access to them. Well at least that is the plan. And as we all know, the best laid plans can go off course. And sometimes these plans go off course through no fault of our own and sometimes they go off course and it is our fault entirely. There are just times when we do something dumb and then later on regret the action. In the day of the electronic access all around us one of the things that we do dumb is letting our boyfriend or girlfriend at the time have the password to all of our accounts.

Yes, this type of thinking happens more often than you think. When the relationship is good there are a lot of people out there who want to share everything with their significant other. They think that is the way to a truly happy relationship. They think that the relationship is going to last forever and that nothing can go wrong. Well we all know that is simply not true. There is a lot that can go wrong and there are relationship breakups all of the time.

And since you have given this person your passwords to all of your accounts, there is no telling all of the damage that they can do. Not every relationship is able to end on good terms. There can be some bitter feelings left behind no matter if they are justified or not. And it is in these cases that the person who feels as if they have been wrong is going to want to get revenge.

They may do something as simple as log in to your Facebook account so that they can see who you are talking to. Or they might check your email account when you are not looking. This way they think that they will be able to monitor your comings and goings without you knowing. But the danger can get worse than that when you give your ex your account passwords. They may be so mad at you that they log on to your bank account and steal all of your money. This has happened in the past and it has been hard to prosecute because the person will claim that they have your password and you have them permission to go into the account.

So as you can see it is not a good idea to give out your account information. Even to your boyfriend or girlfriend. If you are going to give them this type of information then you should at least wait until you are married.

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