Remember That Security Problems Always Change

There is one thing that you have to remember about the computer world. And that one thing that you always have to remember that it is forever going to change. As a matter of fact probably the only constant law in the computer world is that there is always going to be change.


Let’s take for example the laws of CPU power. For years there was a constant law that held through for decades about the power and the complexity of CPU chips. The law stated that every year the power of the chips would double. This law was called Moore’s law and he was able to predict something like that because he knew that the circuits that were on the silicon chips would be made smaller and they would be able to fit more on the chip. But then a problem happened, and all of the sudden they were not able to make the circuits on the chip any smaller. At least they could not make them at a cost that the average consumer could afford or would be willing to pay. So they had to go another route to try and make the computer chips faster. And that is why you are seeing all of the dual and quad core chips now.

That is just one of the many changes that you have seen in the past few years when it comes to computers. And these changes when they happen affect all facets of the computer industry. And that includes the computer security side as well. What was once in dangerous in the past is not as much so anymore. But tricks that were thought could not be done in the past are alive and well now and have become a very serious problem. And that is why if you are someone who works in the computer security industry, you have to stay on your toes and make sure that you are up to date on not only the latest computer technology but also the latest computer security attacks as well. It is your job to be able beat the black hat hackers and the best of them are staying on top by being up to date with the latest computer news.

Let’s look at an attack that used to happen all of the time but is now the product of a bygone era. One of the most dangerous attacks is an infected boot disk attacks. The boot disk is the part of your computer which allows the computer to see the hard drive and boot up. A boot disk attack allows someone to either erase or change that boot disk so basically your computer would become unusable. Black hat hackers and hackers who wanted to just cause a little mischief would send out programs that would do just that. This was a real big problem a little over ten years ago but it really is not a problem anymore. And there are two reasons for that. The technology to prevent that from happening got a little better and hackers are more in it for the money and are not really in it to cause damage anymore.

Right now the latest attacks that you hear a lot about are cross site scripting attacks and phishing attacks. These types of attacks are popular because the web is more widespread and allows the attacker to be able to make money.

But you have to remember that an attack that is popular now will not always be so. So you always have to be on the lookout for the newest type of attack. Because you can rest assured there will always be a new type of attack.

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